How in the World to get Ready for Christmas?- A Holy Experience : Who knew that so much could be wrapped up in a question “So… are you ready yet for Christmas?” I love how I’m pointed to Christ on this blog. Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries – The Sweets Life : I…



Photo by Monika Thorpe Pastor John Ruined My Morning! – The Works of God : This post comes from a disability ministry blog and contains some awesome videos of boys, that were wonderfully made, singing to the God who made them. The Difference Between Trying and Doing – Michael Hyatt…

Quality Family Time


Jonathan and I have been slacking off on our dates with our kids. We are supposed to have one each month and we have totally missed the last two months. So, on Sunday afternoon we decided to get everybody caught up and go on a family date.

When the Unexpected Happens : Budget


We have been plugging right along on our debt. We have two school loans paid off and are getting ready to pay off a third. It feels good. But what do you do when something unforeseen happens. 

The Gift


When we were going through this whole process, my head was spinning. I imagined the worst.



About a month ago my husband had a scratchy throat. He had had a cold and thought maybe that was just how it was ending. He took a look in a mirror and saw something strange.There was a weird little lump in the back of his throat. He waited a…

Links: A Few More Turkey Recipes


photo by jdolenga Turkey Noodle Casserole – Average Housewife : This is an easy recipe to throw together with just about any meat. Turkey Tetrazzini – The Pioneer Woman : I’ve tried a different recipe for this before and it was okay. This one has amazing ingredients – bacon, mushrooms, wine…

Pie Crust


I really like this pie crust for pot pie because it’s tasty, flaky and really easy to make.

Turkey Pot Pie


This is my favorite recipe for many reasons. My family all loves it, it’s easy to double, easy to freeze, and it’s an all in one meal. I’m trying to do a visual Pioneer Woman type post, because she’s my cooking blog heroine.

Soup’s On!


Yesterday, I talked about how to make stock, so today I’m going to tell you one thing you can do with it.